Actor on the French and international industrial scene for almost twenty years, LITH is a one-man project, formed by David Vallée in 1996 in eastern France, known for its hybrid and innovative electronic music, mixing syncopated industrial noise rhythms, percussion tribal and nagging synthetic atmospheres, on the borders of industrial music, IDM and Bass music.

Signed on the labels Brume Records, Divine Comedy Records and Les Forges Alliés, LITH has produced to date several internationally renowned albums, remixed or collaborated with many famous projects on the industrial scene such as Empusae, Conjecture or Muckrackers.

LITH has performed in numerous festivals in Europe and Canada, such as the Noxious Art Festival and Industrial Festival, offering its audiences intense visual performances that have earned it a solid reputation as an engaged project.

Born in Metz (France) in the middle of the 90’s, influenced by 70-80’s No Wave music and an industrial environment, LITH initially approached an ambient music, tinted of minimalistic rhythms, in an aggregate of electronic distorted and acoustics “fields recording” sounds. Very quickly, after the release of Urban Symphony and Tribes on the French cassette label Sinik Department, the tone changes and is directed towards a more electronic music.

In 1999, with the A Case of War release, marks the rupture with the original ambient style of LITH, where the analogical synthetic sounds mixed with the distorted TR808 rhythms appears.

This style goes on with the Aussterben album in 2000, where rhythm prevails, oppressing and tearing, mechanical and hypnotic, followed one year later by the album Narcotic, a musical turning, an assertion of the style electro-industrialist, tinted with acid and brain dance sonority.

From this moment LITH’s work starts to acquire a certain recognition with the Pylon album, in 2002, first CD production released by a great French label: Divine Comedy Records. It is also the beginning of the first scenic appearances of LITH, where flows analogical sonorities, crushing percussions and strident larsens, the whole supported by often insupportable videos where LITH visually expresses its convictions. Success is immediate, the concerts are numerous and two years after is released Tribal End, an album divided into two parts, the first composed of the original and new LITH’s tracks, the other part with many international industrial scene famous artists remixes like P.A.L., Iszoloscope, S: Cage, Empusae, Shizuka…

In 2006, for the ten years of existence of LITH, Brume Records gives its support for the release of Gaia, a tribal album, dance floor and spellbinding, a more emotional and less brutal music, continuing to explore the way opened up by the Tribal End album.

This album enabled to consolidate a certain international notoriety, opening up the way for many collaborations and participations, by occasionally uniting with work of the Forges Alliées label, RF_36 collective and the Muckrackers band, with which LITH ties privileged relations since the beginning as of years 2000. After several common scenes, a mini-album sees the day on the Forges Alliées label, under the name of Rustland, a live recorded performance at the La Nouvelle Industrie Lorraine 4 festival at Les Forges de la Providence, in Marchienne (Belgium).

In 2014, Les Forges Alliées, always in the spirit of artistic sharing, renews its confidence by offering a collaborative project [KLTN_008] between LITH and Fieberflug a german ambient industrial music, acoustic and electric project.

2015 sees the latest production of LITH, Hiroshima. Taking up the theme of the famous song originally published in the album Gaia, LITH retraces the story of the terrible apocalypses of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the form of a sound and video project. Followed by remixes by Conjecture, Ex.Tension, Groupe T and [VUK], the work is presented in the form of a booklet limited to 50 copies, including an album and videos, containing clips and documentary about the catastrophe .

During its scenic performances, LITH expresses its ideas and convictions by the means of video projections, supporting the sustained rhythms, syncopated and distorted by images and hard signification texts, evoking vivisection and animal and human exploitation, oppression of the current economic system, defense of natural environment, tribes of human people in process of extinction, and many other topics deploring the horror of the contemporary human civilization…


2020Alhuriya (Digital – Sinik Department)
2017Norilsk (7’’ – Les Forges Alliées)
2015Hiroshima (CD-r – Les Forges Alliées)
2014 Lith vs Fieberflug (CD-r – Les Forges Alliées)
2011Rustland (CD-r – Les Forges Alliées)
2006Gaia (CD / Brume Records)
2004Tribal End (CD / Divine Comedy Records)
2002Pylon (CD / Divine Comedy Records)
2001Narcotic (CD-r / Sinik Department)
2000Aussterben (CD-r / Sinik Department)
1999A Case of War (mini CD-r / Sinik Department)
1996 – Tribes (Tape / Sinik Department)
1996 – Urban Symphony (Tape / Sinik Department)