Actor on the French and international industrial scene for almost twenty years, LITH is a one-man project, formed by David Vallée in 1996 in eastern France, known for its hybrid and innovative electronic music, mixing syncopated industrial noise rhythms, percussion tribal and nagging synthetic atmospheres, on the borders of industrial music, IDM and Bass music.

Signed on the labels Brume Records, Divine Comedy Records and Les Forges Alliés, LITH has produced to date several internationally renowned albums, remixed or collaborated with many famous projects on the industrial scene such as Empusae, Conjecture or Muckrackers.

LITH has performed in numerous festivals in Europe and Canada, such as the Noxious Art Festival and Industrial Festival, offering its audiences intense visual performances that have earned it a solid reputation as an engaged project.


2020Alhuriya (Digital – Sinik Department)
2017Norilsk (7’’ – Les Forges Alliées)
2015Hiroshima (CD-r – Les Forges Alliées)
2014 Lith vs Fieberflug (CD-r – Les Forges Alliées)
2011Rustland (CD-r – Les Forges Alliées)
2006Gaia (CD / Brume Records)
2004Tribal End (CD / Divine Comedy Records)
2002Pylon (CD / Divine Comedy Records)
2001Narcotic (CD-r / Sinik Department)
2000Aussterben (CD-r / Sinik Department)
1999A Case of War (mini CD-r / Sinik Department)
1996 – Tribes (Tape / Sinik Department)
1996 – Urban Symphony (Tape / Sinik Department)