M-TRONIC - 2022

Nearly fifteen years after the publication of the album Gaïa (Brume Records, 2006), which expressed a notion of hope despite an alarming observation of degradation of our environment and forms of life that inhabit it, “Anthropocene” this time comes with a dark and defeatist look at the future of the world as we know it. The brutal changes in climate in recent years, sterilization of soils and seas, mass extinctions of living species, significant modification of ecosystems … reinforce the veracity of this recent concept: we are in the Anthropocene era.


LITH Live at Industrial Festival #25
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LITH is a means of expression intended to denounce, be opposed, be indignant at the world such as us, human, create it.

LITH does not have the vocation to teach, judge, influence anyone. LITH is a simple bitter report of the universe created by the human being, leaving a few place to the hope.

LITH rises against all the violence inflicted with our environment by our societies known as modern and evolved, societies in which the capital is interested more than living entities, for which the destruction has more interest than construction.

LITH is opposed to vivisection, eugenics, specism, religious dogmatism whatever it is, the political enrolment, disrespect and the daily destruction of everything and anyone, whether it is the animal world, plant or human.

LITH is the result of these engagements.