M-TRONIC - 2022

LITH comes back with his new opus “Anthropocene”, approaching a recurring theme in the project’s work, that of the destructive action of humanity against the biosphere.

Nearly fifteen years after the publication of the album Gaïa (Brume Records, 2006), which expressed a notion of hope despite an alarming observation of degradation of our environment and forms of life that inhabit it, “Anthropocene” this time comes with a dark and defeatist look at the future of the world as we know it. The brutal changes in climate in recent years, sterilization of soils and seas, mass extinctions of living species, significant modification of ecosystems … reinforce the veracity of this recent concept: we are in the Anthropocene era.

Appalled by humanity’s stubborn refusal to react actively, to limit our footprint and even accept the reality of its harmful impact, LITH exposes throughout the eight pieces of the album a multitude of concepts gathered under the “Anthropocene” neologism. The tracks are linked around a fusion of industrial music with heavy, distorted and syncopated rhythms, urban music with bass music accents, enhanced by tribal percussions, squeaky bass and ethereal or throbbing electronic strings. This is a new evolution of LITH which has always been able to create a hybrid and contemporary music, at the borders of radically different styles.